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In high power radar applications, pulse generation is usually accomplished using avalanche diodes, GaAs photoconductive switches or mercury switches. In this article, high power devices are ignored and the concentration is on low cost pulsers for low power UWB communications.
auto industry halted the use of mercury switches in 2002, an estimated 67.5 million switches are in older vehicles and available for potential recovery.
According to the EPA, together with existing state mercury switch recovery efforts, this program will significantly reduce mercury air emissions from the furnaces used in steel making, the fourth leading source in the United States after coal-fired utility boilers, industrial boilers and gold mining.
The New Jersey law is the latest in a series of state statutes regulating mercury switch removal.
Some states have passed either recommendations or laws governing mercury switch removal, but many of these policies come under attack from either recyclers or the auto industry.
The mercury switch, a small metal or glass capsule at the base of the light socket, poses little health concern to consumers during the functional life of the automobiles.
Mercury, which is used in many types of bulbs as well as thermostats, mercury switches and relays, some medical devices, and other industrial applications, must be properly processed by trained hazardous waste experts.
The metal is used in a wide array of devices, such as thermometers, barometers, float valves, mercury switches, fluorescent lamps and telescopes, as well as dental fillings and in cosmetic products.
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