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MERTON, STATUTE OF. A statute so called, because the parliament or rather council, which enacted it, sat at Merton, in Surrey. It was made the 20 Hen. III. A. D. 1236. See Barr. an the Stat. 41.

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The london borough of merton ( the council ) is inviting quotations from suitably qualified and experienced providers to provide support to the development of healthy workplaces in merton.
Nouwen, born in the Netherlands, and Merton, born in France and educated in Britain, were at home on two U.
The yacht has pride of place in the Little Merton's beer garden, he said, adding: "On Friday we hosted a special event at the Little Merton, before the pub closed for a major refurbishment.
The playful ABCs format used in "The ABCs of Thomas Merton" will help children to remember what they are learning about Thomas Merton and the Christian life in general.
Hume Consulting understood that Merton had embarked on such a process when they asked for submissions [in February 2013].
The former star of the Mrs Merton Show was voted best female performer at the British Comedy Awards in 1996.
Because if there's another secret Paul Merton could investigate while he's here, it's the opening hours in the nooks and crannies of the Scottish tourism industry.
Merton certainly appears to be as happy as Larry during his new series - Paul Merton's Secret Stations.
Joseph's University in Philadelphia) is a "must read" for the legions of Thomas Merton enthusiasts whose lives have been touched by his writings.
But Day and Merton are perhaps familiar only to Americans who are Catholics, and not even to all of them.
Albert Borgmann begins an essay on Merton with a brief yet concise set of propositions about that relationship and in what follows, I hope to demonstrate the important relationship between the prophet and philosopher, between faith and reason.
Byline: Paul Merton and his Impro Chums WARWICK ARTS CENTRE, COVENTRY