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Large lobe covered by a mound of sclerotised spots located on mesal half of process.
First podomere with some hairs on upper portion of posterior side as well as mesal portion of anterior side.
Chelicerae large, robust, with peg-teeth extending from distal edge down length of mesal edge; length 0.
Lateral margins and mesal transverse border of mesoscutum brown; scutellum with dark apex.
Palp: scopula absent; a row of 2-3 spine-like setae on mesal ventral portion of metatarsus (Fig.
Its placement flush on the mesal side of the cymbium is synapomorphic for theridiids (Fig.
Cheliceral fixed finger "crimped" in mesal view without teeth, movable finger with large PT, smaller AT with no cleft, posterior IT on PT, MST medium in size.
3 x a field length); Spigots: ALS: 2 MAP spigots, mesal, adjacent, unequal; 50-60 piriform spigots; PMS: 1 mAP; 1 fused paracribellar base (5-7 spigots); 4 aciniform spigots (1 anterior); 4 cylindrical spigots; PLS: 12 aciniform spigots, distributed; 1 subapical "modified PLS" spigot; paracribellar spigots absent but at least 2 nubbins present flanking mPLS; 3 cylindrical spigots.
In each group, the ranked species that contributed most to biomass were Thracia papyracea, Mesalia mesal, Hyalinoecia bilineata, and Echinocardium cf.