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Chelicera: fixed finger dentition P-1-M-1-A; movable finger P-1-A; fondal teeth III, I, II, IV ectally and mesally; 5-6 stridulatory ridges on the dorsal mesal aspect (Fig.
Placa subgenital de la hembra con un ligero lobulo mesal.
The mesal saccular process (msp) bears a leaf-shaped process with multiple teeth.
Femur y tibia posteriores con espinas cilindricas, elongadas y curvandose abruptamente desde la region mesal.
65 times longer than broad, mesal inner margin with small pointed process, conspicuous posteromesal pointed hook; a weakly sclerotized, narrow cross bar joining gonocoxites anteriorly; gonostylus short, curved, abruptly tapering at mid portion, tip pointed.
15 13' Ojos emarginados en cuando menos la mitad de su longitud, sin surco metepisternal, pigidio amarillento con una raya media longitudinal blanca, cuerpo negro, cabeza blanca, excepto por unos puntos marron amarillentos sobre el vertex, metacoxa marron, lisa, sin un grupo de puntuaciones cerca de la articulacion trocanteral, elitros con una banda blanca mesal y transversal, metasterno con una fosa, con un par de carinas sobre la parte externa de la metatibia, pronoto con pequenas depresiones laterales, con puntos marron sobre la frente.
Complejo falico: proyecciones epifalicas superando ligeramente el apice del paramero pseudoepifalico, curvandose progresivamente desde la region mesal y con su apice con forma de rinon, aplanado y desprovisto de denticulaciones sobre el margen ventral.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- An Iraqi court issued an arrest warrant for former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi for writing an article against former member of the Iraqi parliament Mesal Alousi in the official newspaper of the al-Iraqiya Coalition.
In Zinophora the structure of the spatulate lobe, in combination with the general form of the distal margin of the telocoxites comprising a proplica and metaplica folded against each other, with the metaplica lobed mesiad and the proplica bearing a mesal projection or coxal spine, are the diagnostic characters of the genus.
Pedipalpal tibia, ventral surface, distribution of granules, (0) organized into a mesal row (Lawrence 1931:fig.