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MESE. An ancient word used to signify house, probably from the French maison; it is said that by this word the buildings, curtilage, orchards and gardens will pass. Co. Litt. 56.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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MESE is the largest Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (Mice) gathering in the region, and brings together industry leaders and visionaries shaping the industry.
The first edition of Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC) 2017, organised by UK-based Clarion Events for the first time, has been named the Best Trade Exhibition Over 10,000sqm at the 2018 Middle East Special Events (MESE) Awards.
Of them, 73 returned via Myawaddy in Karen State and a welcoming ceremony was held for the remaining 20 at Mese in Kayah State.
In the 69 kg bout, Phemelo Mphafe of BMC suffered a 2-1 loss to Mompate Gaanamoste of Ghanzi Boxing Club while Marshall Mokgwelwa of Diamond Trading Company Botswana (DTCB) beat Bakang Mese of UB 2-1.
Luigi Cipolla, dallAnno passato, fin'a questo Mese di Novembre.
Assume that there exists some subset E [subset or equal to] [R.sup.+] with its linear measure mesE = [infinity] satisfying T(r, L) [less than or equal to] T(r, f),as r [member of] E and r [right arrow] [infinity].
Ataturk Arboretumu'nda, saf ve karisik mese (Quercus petraea (Mattuschka) Liebl.), kayin (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) mescerelerinde yurutulen bu calismanin amaci olu ortu dokumu ve bu yolla 2009-2011 yillari arasinda ekosisteme geri verilen besin madde miktarinin belirlenmesidir.
(ISTE 109687) Ak gobak, Cali kobagi, Gobak, Mese, Karakubak, Kara kombalak, Kizilmese, Kobak, Kobar calisi, Kombalak, Kubak, Kubar Quercus infectoria G.Olivier Akgobak, Akmese, Akpiynar, Cali (ISTE 109693, 109694, 109692) kobagi, Gobak, Kasnak, Mese, Pelit, Palamut, Sartal Quercus ithaburensis Decne.
Schonefeld 1978; 13 types [male]: same data except Badjawa and; 2 types [male]: same data except Rana Mese and; 12 types [female]: Sunda-Exp.
All the bishops noted that there are deep disagreements between members of the house across a range of theological and social issues, but many also held out hope that mese disagreements could be managed better.