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Intermediate; intervening; the middle between two extremes, especially of rank or time. In feudal law, an intermediate lord; a lord who stood between a tenant and the chief lord; a lord who was also a tenant.



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(mean, with a silent s) adj. from Norman French for intermediate, the middle point between two extremes. It is seldom used, except in reference to "mesne profits." (See: mesne profits)

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intermediate or intervening, esp referring to any assignment of property before the last.
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MESNE. The middle between two extremes, that part between the commencement and the end, as it relates to time.
     2. Hence the profits which a man receives between disseisin and recovery of lands are called mesne profits. (q.v.) Process which is issued in a suit between the original and final process, is called mesne process. (q.v.)
     3. In England, the word mesne also applies to a dignity: those persons who hold lordships or manors of some superior who is called lord paramount, and grant the same to inferior persons, are called mesne lords.

MESNE, WRIT of. The name of an ancient writ, which lies when: the lord paramount distrains on the tenant paravail; the latter shall have a writ of mesne against the lord who is mesne. F. N. B. 316.

PROCESS, MESNE, practice. By this term is generally understood any writ issued in the course of a suit between the original process and execution.
     2. By this term is also meant the writ or proceedings in an action to summon or bring the defendant into court, or compel him to appear or put in bail, and then to hear and answer the plaintiffs claim. 3 Chit. Pr. 140.

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Ganjoni properties then moved to court and filed an application for an order that the tenant, should deposit or pay rent arrears from January 2017 of Sh360,000.00 per month together with mesne profits at Sh900,000 per month.
9 HOLDSWORTH, supra note 77, at 249-50 (cataloguing forms of compulsory process); see also Nathan Levy, Jr., Mesne Process in Personal Actions at Common Law and the Power Doctrine, 78 YALE L.J.
(215) In this respect, restitutionary damages operate like mesne profits for trespass.
Of the second, there is Lord, Mean or Mesne, and Tenant." Thus the mean was the feudal counterpart to the officer who stood between the crown and the suitor in the courtly patronage system.
(118) Following the advent of the modern nation-State in the later middle ages political and legal theory tended to exalt the State as the pinnacle of authority--though this was disputed both by the Church (119) and, at times, by mesne feudal lords, burghers and other communities.
ee karAoke cAEsar shillelAGH tAOIseach bE sEA ocrEAE BEAUchamp bEE sEEing vEHicle seize LEIGH recEIPt pEOple mESne diocESEs gEWgaw kEY honEYEd kIwI minutzIAE chIEf mlHrab torII komIJne [kaas] coutIL canaILLE grenouILLES debris bruit [grand] prIX dahabIYeh fjord kopJE fOEtus onomatopOEIa chamOIs (pl.) chamOIS (sing.) chamOISEd qUAY qUAYEd dengUE parqUET croqUETEd begUIne grUYere citY gramarYE
For example, in 1865, the Court held that tide to church lands at Mission San Jose, California, had passed to the claimant by various mesne conveyances from Catholic Bishop Joseph Alemany of Monterey.
According to the trial court, the import of Nebo is that even though litigation is ongoing, a title defect still must be removed by the insurer within a reasonable time, and failure to do so renders the insurer liable for the insured's interim or mesne consequential damages.
mesne or final process issued from any court." (263) Also
(86.) See Nathan Levy, Jr., Mesne Process in Personal Actions at Common Law and the Power Doctrine, 78 YALE L.J.
(46) In turn, Jones would subdivide possession of the land between Green and Black in exchange for their agreement to provide Jones rents or services; Green and Black became Jones's vassals, and Jones their mesne lord.