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Severe metabolic bone disease as a long-term complication of obesity surgery.
Metabolic bone disease is a significant problem in patients with Crohn's disease (1,5,7).
I especially liked the chapter on the thyroid gland for its concise presentation of the essentials of this high-volume branch of endocrine testing, the chapter on metabolic bone disease for its timeliness and its clear treatment of the relatively complex assortment of biochemical markers available in this area, and the chapter on endocrine malignancies for its up-to-date review of the literature on the subject.
Comparison of total and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase in patients with nonskeletal disorders or metabolic bone diseases.
6-9 However, some investigations did not show the beneficial effects of feeding on the prevention of metabolic bone disease.
They provide students and physicians with descriptions and illustrations of upper limb, lower limb, and spine anatomy, trauma, and degenerative and acquired disorders, and the basic science of the musculoskeletal system, metabolic bone disease, rheumatologic diseases, tumors, the sequelae of trauma, and congenital deformities.
Rickets, one manifestation of metabolic bone disease, is a musculoskeletal disease syndromes characterized by abnormal endochondral ossification (7) and failure of mineralization of osteoid or of the maturing cartilaginous growth plate.
A second operation was undertaken after she developed postop dumping syndrome and alkaline reflux gastritis, and the surgeon again failed to advise her of the risk of metabolic bone disease.
Speakers highlighted overview of Thalessemia, Management of Thalessemia with emphasis on Hb-F Augmentation and BMT, Treatment of Complications/Iron Chelation Therapy, Metabolic Bone Disease in Thalessemia, Bone Marrow Transplant - Experience in AFBMT, Splenectomy in Patients of Thalessemia and Prevention of Thalessemia.
It had suffered metabolic bone disease due to a deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D3, vet Hannah Bould told the court.
Six patients had metabolic bone disease (four osteoporosis, one Paget's, one scleroderma), and three patients had rheumatoid arthritis.