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This research may also be a first step in explaining a possible correlation between bone health and other metabolic diseases such as osteoporosis," he added.
Given Peptimmune's experienced management team, clinical development expertise in both autoimmune and metabolic disease, and their commitment to moving this program forward, we think they are an excellent partner.
Clarke has done an amazing task in providing this handy guide of approximately 300 pages on how to diagnose inherited metabolic diseases.
Several BioPharmaceutical companies have expressed interest in our metabolic disease drug discovery methods, platforms and programs," said Dr.
NGM has established a proprietary platform capable of isolating and analyzing EECs in order to identify novel secreted peptide hormones that are potentially linked to the profound metabolic effects of bariatric surgery and serve as potential targets for the treatment of metabolic diseases.
Drug manufacturers need to be aware of the barriers to access they will face in marketing metabolic disease therapies in major pharmaceutical markets.
located in Plymouth, Michigan, discovers and develops novel therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
The report addresses several sectors of the metabolic disease therapy area, the brand drugs used to treat these diseases, and certain R&D pipelines.
3T3-L1 is a cell line derived from 3T3 cells that is used extensively in research on adipose tissue, making the line popular for metabolic disease research studies.
The most common metabolic disease is type 2 diabetes, which occurs when the body does not adequately metabolize or regulate blood sugars due to lack of insulin or the body's inability to respond to the insulin that is produced.
In addition, the Company is developing an oral ghrelin antagonist for the treatment of metabolic disease.