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About HBI-002 Hillhurst's lead product, HBI-002, is a proprietary investigational drug product designed to augment the protective cellular heme oxygenase metabolic pathway to limit inflammatory processes, prevent apoptosis (cell death) and prevent oxidative injury.
Since there are no known natural pathways leading to propylene in microorganisms, creating a process for the direct bio-production of propylene required the design of an artificial metabolic pathway based on previously unknown enzymatic reactions and on novel metabolic intermediates.
To keep it simple, there are three main metabolic pathways we use to perform physical activity--the phosphagen pathway, the glycolytic pathway, and the oxidative pathway--and one pathway to convert food into energy--the citric acid, or Krebs cycle.
He and his coworkers analyzed single-nucleotide polymorphisms in enzymes coded by nine genes prominent in the MTX metabolic pathway.
A metabolic pathway thought to be involved in the balance of cellular
0 contains data on metabolic pathways from the well known KEGG* suite of databases which has been optimized by LION for use in the pathSCOUT system.
We want to take advantage of a plant's metabolic pathways to make biofuel directly.
We began to examine how the worm-equivalent of APP modulated different metabolic pathways and found that the APP equivalent inhibited the insulin pathway," she noted.
The metabolic pathway engineering handbook; tools and applications.
Geranyl pyrophosphate was already known as an intermediate in the metabolic pathway that produces cholesterol compounds.
Global Bioenergies (Paris:ALGBE) demonstrates a novel metabolic pathway enabling the direct conversion of renewable resources to propylene, one of the main building blocks of the petrochemical industry.
Sapienza said this study provides the first evidence of widespread epigenetic modification of metabolic pathway genes occurring in healthy colon tissue.