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Fast Track is meant to help businesses rapidly capitalize on technology that can eliminate paper from their AP processes," said Metafile vice president of technical services, Jim Mandt, "improving the speed and the accuracy of financial reports, cutting the costs of storing and managing paper documents, and allowing the company to take advantage of vendor incentives for on-time payments.
For more information: Metafile Information Systems, Inc.
Recently Metafile has added support for other Windows print steams so that the software can also capture Word documents, spreadsheets, engineering drawings, and email messages.
Moneris is an ideal business partner for us," said Amanda Mallinger Reinartz, Product Manager, Metafile Information Systems.
MetaViewer is designed to make Microsoft Dynamics AX even more efficient, removing potential paper bottlenecks from business processes so that enterprises can get the full speed, power and simplicity that Microsoft Dynamics products are designed to provide," said Metafile Vice President Nick Sprau.
1b, it was necessary to export the file as a CGM Metafile and read it into Lotus Freelance.
Gelco Expense Management, Meridian, Metafile, and Ruesch International have complementary capabilities and share the vision that many of these financial processes -- while often seen as burdensome administrative functions -- can be turned into value drivers for the business with the right business processes in place.
Recently, Metafile established a partnership with London-based Cognitive Channels to initiate its plans in the U.
The MetaViewer enterprise content management system software from Metafile enables paperless transactions and provides powerful order-to-pay and electronic invoicing solutions.
I am fortunate to have a highly dedicated team at Metafile that can exceed our customers' expectations to bring control, visibility, and efficiencies to their business processes," said Bertram.
Computer Graphics Metafile, or CGM, is an ISO standard for a tree-structured, binary graphics format that has been adopted especially by the technical industries (defense, aviation, transportation, etc) for technical illustration in electronic documents.
Simplified activation software: With MetaViewer's new Activation Assistant, there is no longer a need to request unlock codes and wait for Metafile to send license files.