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The new site will complement the packaging solutions offered by TIME MAUSER to Indian customers from the metal drum manufacturing plant at Pen, Maharashtra.
On banning burn barrels, Hough said the metal drums "tend to be kind of a magnet" for burning plastics, household trash and other illegal-to-burn waste.
They include guitars made from cans, cellos from metal drums, and brass instruments made from galvanized piping.
Given a truly dynamic growth rate in recent years, the FDL Packaging Group has diversified massively from its core business of environmentally-friendly fibre drums to incorporate FDL Packaging with its complete package of metal drums, plastic drums, pails, kegs, bottles, containers, cartons and ISCs and Cases for Industry with its exhaustive range of high quality wooden packing cases, pallets and glass stillages.
The gang imported speciallycustomised metal drums, which secretly carried up to pounds 11m of heroin and cocaine at a time.
Metal drums containing powdered nuts were also found to conceal 33 kilos of cocaine, with a street value of pounds 6.
At the time the airport consisted of just a wooden hut as a clubhouse, while runway landing lights were made up from metal drums filled with oil and set alight.
Brian Holford, of Bridgnorth, was fined pounds 5,750 with costs of pounds 2,000 for dumping caravans, demolition waste, metal drums, wheels, tyres and household items on land at Wrens Nest, in Highley and Nottinghamshire man Mark James Eyre was brought to court last month after CCTV filmed him off loading bricks, concrete blocks and slabs at the side of a road.
We have also been involved in adopting and implementing effective waste recycling programs involving waste water, waste solvents, pallets, plastic and metal drums in conjunction with our fast growing operations," concluded Engesaeth.
We managed to find a local company that could incorporate recycled wooden palettes, used carpets, metal drums and even bubble wrap into our decor.
Four identical metal drums served as pedestals to display what here seemed like religious relics: a red bowling ball encased in a wood frame, a large white bone on a marble platform, a model of a mountain, and a single antler on a wood shelf.