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However, most of the available radiometric age data from the plutonic and metamorphic rocks record Neoproterozoic to Devonian movement, too old to correlate with the post-Windsor Group thrusting identified here.
This section describes the mineral assemblages and the textures observed in the metamorphic rocks of the Arquia Group as well as a likely protolith for each one.
This indicates that the granitic provenance is dominant over the metamorphic rocks, (Bokman, 1952).
1990, Ophiolite and Metamorphic Rocks of the Oman Mountains: A Petrographic Atlas: Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals, Sultanate of Oman Muscat, 140 p.
The concept of a Depreciation Index, defined above, was applied to a range of soils formed on basaltic, granitic, and metamorphic rocks in humid tropical Queensland.
Deep inside Earth, heat and pressure convert igneous and sedimentary rocks into metamorphic rocks (slate, gneiss, marble).
Svecofennian (Palaeoproterozoic) orogenic, folded metamorphic rocks dominate in the basement structure of Estonia.
Metamorphic rocks form when heat and pressure melt and change existing rocks.
Many orogenic belts are characterized by metamorphic rocks called blueschists that have been formed under high-pressure and low-temperature conditions.
1-billion-year-old metamorphic rocks very similar to the so-called Grenville belt that runs from Texas through the Adirondack Mountains of New York and into Quebec.
Aqua Carpatica's naturally sparkling mineral water is sourced from the Paltinis aquifer, where a blanket of metamorphic rocks surrounds and protects a naturally sparkling mineral spring, totally free from nitrate pollution or any other chemical, microbiological or physical impurity.
In Tekab region the Precambrian metamorphic rocks complex are accompanied with Ophiolitic parts constituting from ultra-basic rocks, though their Precambrian age is questionable and the Paleozoic age is more acceptable.