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Because Klemperer's Mahler Ninth is just a few minutes beyond the capacity limit for a single CD, EMI have spread it out over two discs, with the final movement on disc two, along with Richard Strauss's Metamorphosen and Death and Transfiguration.
10pm, Adagio from Berg's Chamber Symphony and Richard Strauss' Metamorphosen for string septet.
The concerts will include Shostakovich's Concerto for piano, trumpet and strings, more popularly known as Piano Concerto No 1, Mozart's Symphony No 29 in A major, and his Adagio and Fugue in C minor, and Strauss's Metamorphosen, a work for 23 solo strings written in 1945.
But then came the highlight - Richard Strauss's Metamorphosen in which the young musicians, led superbly by 17-year-old Russian violinist Alina Ibragimova, really seemed focussed and together.
A dangerous drift appears in a great variety of contexts: "monotonie" (the poet uses only lowercase letters throughout) has her say that "others work on their life, I work at my death"; "ein lachen" (a laugh) "unties the gag / lets / reason burst"; "metamorphosen" drifts from "i want to flow / roar tumble / like a / waterfall" to "jelly most likely / would be the image / of my soul." In "meduse" the persona warns, "in spite / of my jelly-like / mass / i can wound you / i will burn you to ashes / i will be consumed myself."