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10pm, Adagio from Berg's Chamber Symphony and Richard Strauss' Metamorphosen for string septet.
They will perform Beethoven's Eroica Symphony, Strauss's Metamorphosen and Kodaly's fiery Transylvanian Dances of Marosszek.
It opens with Four Sea Interludes from Benjamin Britten's Peter Grimes, followed by Richard Strauss's Metamorphosen and Shostakovich's Ninth Symphony.
2: Metamorphosen,'' Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin; ``Prokofiev/Shostakovich: Violin Concertos No.
For the rest, we heard Grieg's enchanting Holberg Suite, alternately crisp and tender, a well-balanced, shapely and flowing Elgar Serenade for Strings, and finally the heartbreaking Metamorphosen by Richard Strauss.
But then came the highlight - Richard Strauss's Metamorphosen in which the young musicians, led superbly by 17-year-old Russian violinist Alina Ibragimova, really seemed focussed and together.
The Philharmonia's playing is lush, virtuosic and, in Respighi's more restrained scores like Church Windows and Metamorphosen, very refined.