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The implicit metaphysical idealism of Kantian critical idealism, I claim, in the end reveals speculative resources within the architecture of transcendental philosophy that can, if I am right, maintain the importance of the project of determining the epistemological legitimacy of metaphysical knowledge without reducing metaphysics to the subjective idealism of Kantian critical philosophy.
Finally, then, thanks to Lollini's subtle discussion, not only do writers as diverse as Serra, Gramsci, Levi, and Calvino, converge in a shared ethical effort to provide some sense to the chaos of the world of personal and public history, but reveal that a position mid-way between the weak subjectivity of the deconstructionist project and the strong Subject of metaphysical idealism remains a viable possibility for future literature.
The first chapter, focusing on idealism and egoism in academic philosophy, considers the historical presuppositions of Kant's understanding of metaphysical idealism (pp.