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What's the next big thing in the global bone metastases therapeutics market landscape?
We therefore investigate the clinical efficacy of these agents in patients with bone metastases by retrospectively analyzing the clinical outcomes in a selected group of patients who received third-line everolimus (EV) or sorafenib (SO) for mRCC.
In the presence of residual thyroid gland tissue and metastases (clinical and/or indentified with a 10mCi diagnostic scan), doses of RAI varied from 100-200mCi (mean[+ or -]SD 167.
The researchers hope that drugs to prevent metastases or slow their growth can be used concurrently with treatments for primary tumors.
Intradural metastases may also occur as a result of haematogenous spread from extracranial neoplasms, most commonly lung and breast adenocarcinoma, and from haematological malignancies.
In patients with initially resectable metastases, it has been shown by the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) study 40983 that peri-operative chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin/oxaliplatin (FOLFOX) increases the progression-free survival.
In a phase II study of 255 patients with bone metastases from breast cancer that was led by Dr.
Metastases to skeletal muscle from primary lung cancer is a rare event with very few reports described in the literature[4-6].
The primary end point was the cumulative risk of symptomatic brain metastases.
The patient was again evaluated for visceral metastases and local recurrences, but none were found.
Weiss found that, supporting Ewing's hypothesis, most metastases seem to form in organs where cancer cells stick soon after entering the bloodstream.
On the basis of data from computer tomography (CT) scans, CSF cytology, and autopsy findings, the patients were divided into the following three groups: (a) patients with parenchymal brain metastases (i.