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Where the minimum quantity of prepacked food is stated in terms of metric weight or measure, it is also required to be stated in terms of the corresponding imperial equivalent.
Only eight per cent of customers would like the metric weight displayed on its own.
I do not like metric weight but I think it's the way we have got to go.
Retailers will be required to reprogramme any stored information to reflect the new price per kilogram and replace existing pre-printed labels with ones carrying metric weight fields.
One of the significant benefits of RxScorecard is its customizable scenario capabilities: users can model a range of metric weights based on different assumptions and business goals, together with a customer's own non-public data, to instantly create dozens of potential scenario outcomes reflecting changes in key elements of value, such as outcomes, trial structure and cost-offset studies.
Bring in metric weights and distances and this wavering supporter of racing will butt out for good.
The three racecourses nearest London - Sandown, Kempton and Epsom - will use metric weights and distances as part of an experiment to coincide with an overseas influx for the Olympics.
They also have a set of contemporary polished metric weights in an acacia wood storage holder for pounds 35.
Since 1995, goods sold in Europe have had to display metric weights and measurements but imperial indications have also been allowed.
The move could see traders who refuse to use metric weights escape prosecution in future.
Since 1995, goods sold in Europe have had to display metric weights and measurements, but to appease a public outcry in the UK, Imperial indications have also been allowed.