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JDSU's Metro Ethernet portfolio will be exhibited at the following shows through November 2007: Light Reading Optical Expo 2007, Dallas, October 2-3 (booth 303); Broadband World Forum Europe 2007, Berlin, October 8-11 (booth 1010); Light Reading Ethernet Expo, New York, October 15-17 (booth 416); and Light Reading's The Future of Carrier-Class Ethernet, Warsaw, November 29.
Optimum Lightpath, the next-generation business broadband service provider of Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE: CVC), today announced the launch of the first video on demand (VOD) channel specifically designed to educate businesses on the benefits of Metro Ethernet.
The OS9000 Metro Ethernet Switch series, launched last year as the industry's first carrier-class Metro Ethernet platform to aggregate optical Ethernet connectivity, provisions enhanced MPLS and VPLS Metro Ethernet services and aggregate WDM optical transport, now additionally supports aggregation of Optical Ethernet EFM standard 802.
Ethernet OAM is vitally important to carriers, as it encompasses all tools and utilities necessary to install and monitor an entire Metro Ethernet network from a centralized location.
is offering Metro Ethernet service providers with a cost-effective solution for building "triple play" networks to support voice, video and data on one network.
The pace of introduction quickened in the first half of 2003 worldwide for both service provider metro Ethernet services and new manufacturer equipment.
In particular, this interoperability enables higher port density for metro Ethernet networking applications and enterprise switches.
According to Paul Bottorff, co-chair of the MEF Technical Committee, the timeline places a stake in the ground on plans for the MEF to deliver Metro Ethernet Services specifications by mid-year 2003.
Le Mener will highlight the unique characteristics and service quality risks of Metro Ethernet and address how performance management can resolve those issues to ensure reliable carrier-grade service delivery and customer-centric quality of service.
Metro Ethernet Service Model and Definition Technical Specifications -- Metro Ethernet Services OAM Technical Specification -- Metro Ethernet User Network Interface (UNI) Technical Specification -- Metro Ethernet MPLS Protection Implementation Agreement -- Ethernet over SONET/SDH Implementation Agreement
HONG KONG -- The Metro Ethernet Forum announced today its hundredth member, ARRIS, marking another milestone in a year of exceptional growth.
DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of Metro Ethernet Routers product research to their offerings.

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