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Closed Transactions Of the 53 metro areas surveyed in January 201, the overall average number of home sales decreased 27.
metro area (that includes parts of Virginia in addition to the District of Columbia, parts of Maryland, and parts of West Virginia) look very different from patterns in other Virginia metro areas.
metro areas across 14 key metrics, ranging from "percentage of adults and high school students who are obese" to "percentage of people who are physically inactive.
They ranked the nation's 53 largest metro areas based on their annualized rates of population change attributable to migration.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 25, 2015-Sprint's Direct 2 You services continues to roll out in six new metro areas
Colorado boasts four of the most favorable metro areas in the country for woman-owned businesses, according to analysis of 289 U.
The metro areas each garnered 37 index points to tie for first place among the 50 largest U.
metro areas, based on 2014 employee reports of hiring activity where they work.
It finds that much of the variation can be explained by location, demographics, and age of the housing stock, and it reveals that regions that had very high household leverage at the start of the recession have shifted back toward national norms, while the variation of leverage within metro areas has maintained steady relationships with neighborhood characteristics.
So the release of the benchmarked SAE is a moment of truth for the BLS and for metro areas.
Metropolitan area led the nation's metro areas in net closures, 30.
The Worcester metropolitan area has recovered better from recession than many of the top 100 metro areas in the nation, according to a study released today by the Brookings Institution.

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