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They ranked the nation's 53 largest metro areas based on their annualized rates of population change attributable to migration.
Colorado boasts four of the most favorable metro areas in the country for woman-owned businesses, according to analysis of 289 U.
metro areas, based on 2014 employee reports of hiring activity where they work.
So the release of the benchmarked SAE is a moment of truth for the BLS and for metro areas.
Metropolitan area led the nation's metro areas in net closures, 30.
The Worcester metropolitan area has recovered better from recession than many of the top 100 metro areas in the nation, according to a study released today by the Brookings Institution.
8 percent in the past decade, the major metro areas grew at a rate of 10.
All 372 metro areas saw joblessness rise in May from a year earlier, the Labor Department reported Tuesday.
The site includes information on all metro areas for which reports are available.
The report calculated that among the metro areas with positive job growth, 125 had an employment growth rate fast enough to absorb new people into the workforce, while the remainder of the 318 metros did not.
7 percent decline for all eleven Indiana metro areas.
metro areas were ranked according to wage and salary growth, job growth and high-tech output growth, among other criteria.

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