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During that same period, the percentage of people covered by health insurance increased in most of the largest 25 metropolitan areas.
REAL GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) grew in 267 of the nations 382 metropolitan areas in 2016, according to statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on September 20, 2017.
Much of the growth in these metropolitan areas was fueled by exports of transportation equipment, chemicals, computer and electronic products, petroleum and coal products, and primary metal manufacturing.
Average pay in the San Francisco metropolitan area in 2006 was 19 percent above the national average, and was the highest among the metropolitan areas studied by the National Compensation Survey (NCS).
metropolitan areas are still seeing a healthy year-over-year appreciation on their home values, despite a recent cooling throughout the nation, according to a series of home value reports from Zillow.
Among census metropolitan areas, couple families in Calgary derived the highest proportion of their total income from employment, 84 cents of each dollar of total income.
The unit of analysis consisted of 277 metropolitan areas in the United States.
In the Northeast and Midwest, by contrast, metropolitan areas have been growing much more slowly, and in many cases city population has actually declined.
Metropolitan Areas,'' was released last week by the Washington, D.
This could prove advantageous to clients who are consultants, engineers and even to tax practitioners themselves in smaller towns who work out of their homes, if the taxpayers travel outside of the subjective metropolitan areas.
ECONOMIC GROWTH WAS widespread across metropolitan areas in 2014; real gross domestic product (GDP) increased in 282 of the nation's 381 metropolitan areas (chart 1), according to the advance statistics from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).
But Couple families in Oshawa, where General Motors and auto parts manufacturers dominate the employment scene, had the highest median total family income among all census metropolitan areas Statistics Canada reports.

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