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But among many such, there are perceptive accounts of the problems he faced early on in his archiepiscopate, particularly in the abortive metropolitical visitation of 1534-35; the series of disciplinary cases that confronted him, involving Elizabeth Barton (the `Maid of Kent'), the evangelicals John Frith and John Lambert, and later (in Edward's reign) those surrounding religious radicals such as Joan Bocher and other dissidents which may (as he suggests) have a bearing on Cranmer's conduct in the crisis over the consecration of John Hooper.
In 1974, the Archbishop of Canterbury gave over his metropolitical authority for the dioceses of the Southern Cone and in 1981, the new province was formed.
There were six varieties of response to the metropolitical order on communion tables, ranging from full implementation (by the ever-awkward Wren, and Towers in Peterborough) to negligence in some peripheral dioceses of the north and west.