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MICRO GREENS: We don't see them in India too often, but micro greens are the darlings of trendy restaurant world.
Garnish with the remaining tablespoons of chives, micro greens, and a drizzle of olive oil.
MICRO GREENS Very mild little sprouts, often sold as a blend of many varieties (you may see mizuna, tatsoi, mustard, kohlrabi, cabbage, broccoli, arugula, amaranth, and others) that mixes colors and shapes.
Customers can select from such varieties as Rainbow Mix Micro Greens, Micro Red Amaranth, Micro Celery, and Micro Cilantro, all at $4.
Tasty varieties include Micro Greens Mild Blend and Micro Greens Spicy Blend from Botanical Interests (www.
The appetizer special was tantalizing on this night at Acacia, the fine-dining restaurant at the Four Seasons at Troon North: a chilled cylinder of Grand Marnier-cured salmon positioned on end, filled with Dungeness crab salad and topped with a sprinkling of micro greens, on a plate crisscrossed with cara cara orange culee.
Chef Ryan Foti's meal will feature courses of phyllo-wrapped jumbo prawns, grilled vegetable gateau, rosemary and garlic crusted loin of free range veal, micro greens and breaded chevre served warm, and, for dessert, a Godiva chocolate souffle with Oregon cherries and chilled gelato cream.
Expansion initiatives detailed in the guide include selling throughout the winter at an indoor market, micro greens and shoot production and developing a craft product line.
Salad came next: a colorful mAaAaAeA@lange of leaves and micro greens, accented by cri deep-fried, taco-like tofu chips and drenched with creamy silk tofu ranch dressing.
With more herbs than ever to choose from, including flowering herbs and micro greens, what is the future for humble parsley?
There will be regular free sessions at the Centre or food project site, covering topics such as growing herbs, salads, micro greens and sprouting seeds.
Other innovative businesses that will be represented at the conference include CropKing, a manufacturer and distributor of commercial greenhouses and hydroponic systems, supplies and equipment throughout the world, Whole Foods Market and Hydro Greens, a Nevada-based 30,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse operation growing herbs, lettuces and assorted micro greens.