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To Zottoli, that means lots of fresh ingredients (since so much of the nation's produce is grown in California); bright colors; the freshest seafood; citrus, avocados and tomatoes bursting with flavor; and delicate, fragrant herbs and micro-greens.
In addition to the rooftop herb garden, the convention center boasts an onsite composting and recycling center, and is currently installing an onsite, hydroponic micro-greens garden.
The meal included creamy shellfish chowder, turkey roulade with cranberry corn stuffing, sliders with Bay State beef, smoked Gouda cheese and caramelized onions on handmade rolls, and a salad made with roasted butternut squash served on micro-greens, herbs and sprouts with apples and spiced nuts.
Over the last three years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of small scale vertical farms being built to grow gourmet leafy greens, herbs and micro-greens for niche produce markets.
Items that have dropped substantially down the list from the top 20 food trends in 2009 include gelato, micro-greens, flatbreads, tapas/meze/dim sum, and dessert flights.
Guests can enjoy a variety of gourmet salads and soups created with local ingredients and recently-harvested micro-greens and house-grown bounties from Marcus Whitman's own garden at the nearby Three Rivers Culinary Garden, along with unique small bites such as cherry wood smoked salmon, house meatballs and a fondue station.