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Their waste-bearing water is pumped up into filtering gravel beds of watercress and other micro-greens, then to a growing bed of produce such as tomatoes, before returning, purified, into the fish tank.
To Zottoli, that means lots of fresh ingredients (since so much of the nation's produce is grown in California); bright colors; the freshest seafood; citrus, avocados and tomatoes bursting with flavor; and delicate, fragrant herbs and micro-greens.
It produces at least 18 varieties of micro-greens that are packed with antioxidants and rich nutrients, including arugula, kale, radish, red cabbage, basils and mustard.
The signature Taza Salad is also good-quinoa, cherry tomatoes, arugula, micro-greens, Cebu dried mangoes, radish and beets splashed with white wine vinaigrette.
True to Sias roots, Seasons' is taking buffet into a different level where cooking is elevated to performance art using only the freshest and finest ingredients including micro-greens.
Decorate a flower pot: Dig out some old flower pots and let the children decorate them with stickers, paints and glitter - and then grow something in them such as herbs or quick-to-mature micro-greens.
FOR THE MAYONNAISE: 3 egg yolks 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard A pinch of salt 150ml each grapeseed oil and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Fresh lemon juice A splash of white wine vinegar 30g basil leaves FOR THE CRAB: 400g white crabmeat 2 small banana shallots, sliced very thinly 2 baby gem lettuces EXTRAS: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Herbs or micro-greens for garnish METHOD: First, make the mayonnaise; prepare a bowl of iced water.
The meal included creamy shellfish chowder, turkey roulade with cranberry corn stuffing, sliders with Bay State beef, smoked Gouda cheese and caramelized onions on handmade rolls, and a salad made with roasted butternut squash served on micro-greens, herbs and sprouts with apples and spiced nuts.
MICRO-GREENS - Another new thing we gathered at the Allied Botanical field day in Tayug as well as in the company's research farm at the Benguet State University is what people now call micro-greens.