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This new microarchitecture will enhance LizardTech's revolutionary imaging technology and provide significant new user benefits for the rapidly growing mobile wireless device marketplace.
VLX for Network Infrastructure customers are able to use their preferred operating systems, which can run unmodified on the Intel Core Microarchitecture.
Taking advantage of the Intel Core microarchitecture, these new products offer a power-sensitive blueprint design providing enhanced energy-efficient performance to help equipment manufacturers balance processing capabilities within power and space constraints.
The combination of 65nm technology and Intel's new Core microarchitecture changes the game in terms of the benefits we can provide our customers.
Today's news comes in advance of Intel's plans to begin shipping server, desktop and laptop processors based on the company's new Core(TM) microarchitecture in June, July and August, respectively.
With this unified PC and notebook brand and microarchitecture, everyone will have a simple way to choose the most powerful and energy-efficient processors in the world, and developers will be able to more easily write optimized software just once for a variety of computing segments," said Eric Kim, Intel senior vice president and chief marketing officer.
NASDAQ: AMD), related to the company's statements regarding its Llano microarchitecture and manufacturing yield problems.
Intel has disclosed details of its newest microarchitecture that is optimized with Intel's 14nm manufacturing process.
Parallel to the launch of the new Intel Atom processor E3800 product family, Kontron today announces its support of the new 22nm Silvermont microarchitecture on six embedded computer boards.
IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (43d: 2010: Atlanta, GA)
lt;p>The Nehalem microarchitecture is considered a significant upgrade over Intel's earlier microarchitectures, as it cuts bottlenecks to improve overall system speed and performance-per-watt.
The new Intel Coreao i5 processor family, two new Intel Coreao i7 processors and the IntelA Xeon processor 3400 series bring Intel's latest Nehalem microarchitecture to mainstream desktop and entry server markets.