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Certification by the organization indicates that Integra 44 microbiocide enables detergent manufacturers to more easily meet Ecocert's requirement.
In detergent, hand soap and fabric softener formulations, Integra 44 microbiocide passed the 30-day challenge test at a low level of 0.
Plants experiencing bacterial problems in their metalworking fluids often will use a microbiocide.
New Products: Rocima KO (Knock Out) microbiocide for rapid decontamination, HCHO-free; Romica 586 microbiocide combines active ingredient Kathon with bronopol for fast, broad spectrum preservation in a VOC-free formulation.
Surface Coatings," in Directory of Microbiocides, Paulus, W.
Rocima 65 microbiocide, formulated for the protection of coatings applied to wood substrates, has demonstrated long lasting mildew protection.
The enhanced EPA registration of Vantocil[TM] P microbiocide supports the need to develop products with ever more demanding performance requirements.
Excelyte[R] is produced by channeling the solution through an electrolytic cell using a proprietary microprocessor to precisely apply voltage, ensuring a metastable, pH-neutral microbiocide that is safe for the environment.
Therefore, the ability of Sterilox Tx solution to improve the outcome and markedly reduce or eliminate pain for patients suffering chronic venous leg ulcers is due to the solution's combined activities: as a potent microbiocide and its ability to aid the healing process by not inhibiting normal cell growth.
has announced that Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has granted registration for the use of Rezone 2000 industrial microbiocide.
Troy Corporation and Lonza Group have extended their global microbiocide marketing partnership.
BWA provides scale, corrosion and microbiocide technologies and services to the industrial water treatment, desalination and oilfield industries.

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