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This new daughter board, with its Graphical User Interface (GUI), provides designers with a tool box for learning and evaluating the capabilities of low pin-count PIC microcontrollers without expensive test equipment or tools.
The company has established a world-class reputation for solving obsolescence problems by developing microcontrollers and peripheral ICs that are one hundred percent compatible with an original manufacturer's part in response to an End of Life notice.
Often times, the design issue is simple and can be accommodated by changing the functionality of a single signal using a small, low-cost microcontroller.
For example, in cooling fans, the PIC16F616/610 and PIC12F615/609 Flash microcontrollers provide greater functionality than discrete fan-control components, such as linear speed control, improved dynamic response and the ability to customize the design with firmware changes rather than expensive hardware redesigns.
commented, "The adoption of IAR Embedded Workbench for Atmel ARM7 core- and ARM9 core-based microcontrollers underscores the strength of our technology.
We have reached this milestone because our PIC microcontroller architecture, MPLAB([R]) development systems, direct sales and sales-channel partners provide maximum benefits for customers to reach their design goals.
The large number of peripherals onboard the V850E/MA3 microcontroller further reduces the need for additional components.
Additional key features of the PIC16F88X microcontroller family include:
Microchip will offer a reference design utilizing the PIC16F917 microcontroller, the EM260 ZigBee co-processor, and the EmberZNet[TM] networking stack and documentation.
In other microcontrollers, context management is usually handled by software in the Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).
Many designs require a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller with advanced peripherals, but relatively small memory.