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Differentiating dietary and non-dietary microfossils extracted from human dental calculus: The importance of sweet potato to ancient diet on Rapa Nui.
In the 1993 sample series CR-93-10 and CR-93-59, siliceous microfossils were recorded in all samples except the bottom level (0 cm).
The microfossils are characterized by the abundance, good preservation and dominance of benthic foraminifera.
Biogenic Origin for Earth's Oldest Putative Microfossils," Geology 37 (2009): 631-4.
Upper Pleistocene can be distinguished by the presence of siliceous microfossils.
The characteristic microfossil assemblages within the SML have been studied from fifty two thin sections of the reservoir rock from four Sui wells for understanding the reservoir architecture and quality.
Fecal structures also occur among the acid-extracted microfossils (Butterfield and Nicholas 1996; Wilson 2004), where they take the form of more or less coherent strings of compressed carbonaceous material up to a few millimetres long and from 20 to 450 [micro]m wide (n > 70).
He also tested the earth below the lagoons in Sur and Ras Al Hadd and found off-shore material such as molluscs, seashells and microscopic microfossils which wouldn't exist in lagoon conditions.
The work also involves evaluating samples from the well for several different types of marine and terrestrial microfossils.
But we'll actually collect a bunch of dirt, bring it back to the museum, and wash it through little screens until we end up with stuff that looks like kitty litter, which we pick through for microfossils.
A Martian meteorite found in Antarctica had tantalizing evidence of microfossils.