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Four wells of 5 mm in diameter were made on each plate and fifty microlitre of each concentration (10, 20, 50 and 100 g/ml HgCl2) was added in wells of each plate separately.
The SSs were placed in a conical tube for transportation to a laboratory for analysis and measured using a microlitre pipette for accuracy.
On Sunday, WHO said that, after weighing evidence for drug efficacy, benefits for the immune system and potential side effects, it recommended raising the CD4 threshold to 500 cells per microlitre of blood.
The parasites were counted against 200 white blood cells (WBC) and the counts were presented as parasitaes per microlitre of blood assuming 8000 WBC per microlitre.
falciparum parasitaemia of at least 2000 asexual forms per microlitre of blood, no antimalarial drug administration in the two weeks preceding presentation, absence of concomitant illness, and consent of parents or guardians.
Cell counts exceeding 50 cells per microlitre are very rare in MS and may suggest other diagnoses.
One microlitre of DNA solution was diluted in 100 [micro]l (1:100) of sterile double distilled water.
However, although the low performance of Paracheck found in this study, it seems to have some advantages: the sensitivity of Paracheck test during the follow up days showed that the test could have an impact in the diagnosis of Rfalciparum malaria because of the high sensitivity obtained in the DI (98%), with a considerable density of parasitaemia, of > 100 parasites per microlitre of blood and in the negative cases as demonstrated by this study during the last scheduled follow up days (D14, 21 and 28).
The minimum CD4+ value for females was 11/microlitre and the maximum was 1000/ microlitre, whereas the minimum value for males was 2/microlitre and the maximum was 891/microlitre.
This innovative pipette tip technology incorporates reliable capillary physics via a capillary metering pocket on the internal portion of the tip (Figure 1) and combines integral microlitre dilution to transfer small, nanolitre volumes of compounds directly from DMSO source plates into assay plates with excellent mixing.
The MASCOT project's equipment uses an acoustic resonator on a sensor chip to check for a specific resonance frequency given off by gases, using a benchmark gas sample of less than one microlitre.
Writing in the New Scientist magazine, Clifton Bishop of the American West Virginia University said a test based on RNA (ribonucleic acid) can pin-point the time a crime took place by testing just one microlitre of blood left at the scene.