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SECOND. A measure equal to one sixtieth part of a minute. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The estimated energy released in the load when treating water using discharges in gas bubbles in the case of using nanosecond discharges was about 2.1 times less than when using microsecond discharges.
The executions times of the sorting algorithm were saved in microseconds as well, in separated files.
For the first and largest defect (Figure 5) one can notice a certain presence at around 26 microseconds. For the second and smaller one (Figure 6), the detection signals are corrupted with false alarm echoes, and thus the consistency analysis is absolutely crucial in determining the presence and location of the defects.
While this did make the data centers more secure, and greatly lowered rental costs, this move increased the distance between the HFT computers and the trading systems on Wall Street, sometimes adding hundreds of microseconds to each round trip.
TIBCO Rendezvous has delivered on all accounts by assuring microsecond latency performance, reliability and manageability."
"The finding of a nearly perfect liquid in a laboratory experiment recreating the conditions believed to have existed a few microseconds after the birth of the universe is truly astonishing," says Brookhaven director Praveen Chaudhari.
Daytime decreased by 2.68 microseconds, because the planet now spins slightly faster.
According to the company, the product is capable of simulating a complete AC motor drive "with a sampling time below 10 microseconds, with an effective precision better than one microsecond, due to the use of the fastest Pentium 4 Xeon dual-processor shared memory boards, a unique real-time interpolation algorithm and fast Xilinx FPGA reconfigurable I/Os."
What is measured here is a brain wave generated 50 microseconds after the subject hears a click through a headset.
The ignition system, he claims, operates on voltages from six volts to 42 volts, has a spark energy of 140 milijoules, is 60% efficient, and boasts a dwell time of 250 microseconds. The coils have 4,000 secondary turns, and use 36 to 38 awg wire.
It is TTL compatible with a switching speed of 25 microseconds. The RF connectors available are SMA, TNC, BNC and N female.
When active mode is needed, the MCU's fast-start system oscillator, which stabilizes in a short 20 microseconds (us) from a cold start, quickly and efficiently energizes the resources needed for the task to be performed.