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Tightly integrated into the companys cloud infrastructure stack, Nutanix Acropolis Microsegmentation Services (AMS) will statefully inspect, monitor and govern communication flows between individual workloads to provide a more secure application environment.
As the optimal front-end hub for an Ethernet switch or router, the Switch Companion Hub is designed for port switching and microsegmentation applications.
New software capabilities enhance ACI with microsegmentation for both physical (bare metal) applications and multivendor virtualized applications (VMware VDS, Microsoft Hyper-V) and extend ACI across multi-site environments to deliver policy-driven automation across multiple data centers.
Utilizing port switching technology and microsegmentation features, SegWay enables network managers to configure and move individuals within and between workgroups, regardless of physical location.
With a focus on Layer 4-Layer 7 application delivery and security, the initiative provides a simple, fast way to assure enterprise customers that the microsegmentation security policies, components and services they choose will deploy and operate automatically in a Nuage Networks SDN environment.
3Com's SuperStack II system now offers the most complete and incremental range of Boundary solutions for enterprise networks -- from just $58 per port for shared Ethernet hubs, to Port Switching with 3Com's Power Grouping technology for microsegmentation of the network at $73 per port, dedicated Switched Ethernet from $120 per port to Shared Fast Ethernet solutions from $192 per port or Switched Fast Ethernet solutions from $825 per port.
The Catalyst(tm) 2600 is the first switch offered by Cisco to provide customers with low-cost Token Ring switch ports that can be used for ring segment microsegmentation or dedicated, full-duplex attachment of file servers/workstations.
SegWay meets the bandwidth, cost, security, flexibility and management requirements of today's dynamic workplace environment and features a unique microsegmentation capability that significantly reduces the cost of network moves, adds and changes.