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Leaving aside comparisons with Netscape and the browser battles of the mid-'90s, the big question is whether the market will allow Microsoft to extend its monopoly into new product segments.
com to perform business and residential searches, reverse address searches and reverse phone searches as well as additional features including: neighborhood look-ups, importing contact information into Microsoft Outlook and performing merges into letters, envelopes, labels, faxes and other documents.
We're excited to have BST Software and Project Incentives participate in the Microsoft Project 2002 Business Value Challenge," said Robert Crissman, director of marketing, Business Tools Division, Microsoft.
Like Microsoft, Standard Oil was pilloried for practices considered legitimate when used by other companies.
I think Microsoft should be split into three companies: OS; Applications; and Developer Tools (IE would go to the apps division).
The government argues that Microsoft used its market power in many ways to stifle competition and innovation.
At the outset of his findings, Jackson declared that Microsoft ``enjoys monopoly power in the relevant market'' - a threshold assertion that potentially makes other actions illegal.
Not content to merely describe, Stross veers off to all but suggest that any criticism of Microsoft is merely the misplaced resentment of the lesser beings who reside outside the Olympus of intellect in Redmond, Wash.
Microsoft was recognized for providing "outstanding real-world solutions" in the Data Warehousing category in the DB/EXPO '94 RealWare Awards announced this week.
InvisibleCRM is delighted and honoured to be an ISV partner in the Microsoft Partner Program," said Vlad Voskresensky, the CEO of InvisibleCRM.
She also criticized nondisclosure agreements between Microsoft and some computer makers that she said might have deterred them from cooperating with federal antitrust investigators.
The key features of the Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools are an Upsizing Wizard and a Browser Tool.