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Based on a client-server architecture, Microsoft Exchange Server is designed to handle the demanding requirements for businesses of all sizes.
The Windows-based clients for Microsoft Exchange Server are MAPI 1.
In addition, new HP End-User Workplace Messaging & Collaboration Solutions for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 provide competitively priced alternatives to building, staffing and managing an infrastructure in-house.
More information about HP's support for Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 for business customers is available at www.
Mi8 offers a wide range of services that enhance the value of the Hosted Microsoft Exchange solutions, including an easy-to-use account management and administration system ("Q Admin"), Advanced Email Defense Services (anti-virus, anti-spam protection), Mobile Messaging (support for BlackBerry devices from RIM, wireless Pocket PC/Windows Mobile and Palm handhelds, Treo Smartphones, and other devices), Archiving, Fax-to-Email Services and Hosted SharePoint.
In addition to offering Microsoft Exchange Hosting, Microsoft SharePoint Hosting, Mobile Messaging, and Archiving & Compliance solutions, Mi8 also offers an on-premise managed Exchange service.
Plug & Go(TM) Installation -- The Teneros appliances require no Microsoft Exchange expertise, install in approximately 15 minutes, and are remotely monitored and updated 24x7.
Together, DigiVault and GOexchange provide enterprises with a mission-critical Microsoft Exchange disaster prevention, optimization and recovery system," said Chris Williams, analyst with Ferris Research.
GOexchange reduces Microsoft Exchange storage requirements by 30 to 55 percent; and, when combined with a third-party archiving solution, that reduction in storage requirements can reach over 90 percent.
Leveraging Configuresoft's award winning ECM technology, ECM for Microsoft Exchange quickly snaps into existing deployments and provides immediate value.
Despite the fact that consumer email like Gmail or Hotmail gives gigabytes of space, Microsoft Exchange business email accounts have - until now - been stuck with as little as 100MB of space, and exorbitant charges of up to $5.
NetApp provides customers with a backup and recovery solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 that increases data accessibility and availability to provide unmatched simplicity for backup, recovery and archiving processes.

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