Inns of Court

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Inns of Court

Organizations that provide preparatory education for English Law students in order to teach them to practice in court.

Inns of Court were founded in the beginning of the fourteenth century. Membership in an inn is tantamount to membership in an integrated bar association in the United States. Inns of Court have a common council of Legal Education, which gives lectures and holds examinations. Currently, inns have the exclusive authority to confer the degree of barrister-atlaw, a prerequisite to practice as an advocate or counsel in the superior courts in England.

Inns of Court


INNS OF COURT, Engl. law. The name given to the colleges of the English professors and students of the common law. 2. The four principal Inns of Court are the Inner Temple and Middle Temple, (formerly belonging to the Knights Templars) Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn, (ancient belonging to the earls of Lincoln and ray.) The other inns are the two Sergeants' Inns. The Inns of Chancery were probably so called because they were once inhabited by such clerks, as chiefly studied the forming of writs, which regularly belonged to the cursitors, who are officers of chancery. These are Thavie's Inn, the New Inn, Symond's Inn, Clement's Inn, Clifford's Inn,' Staple's Inn, Lion's Inn, Furnival's Inn and Barnard's Inn. Before being called to the bar, it is necessary to be admitted to one of the Inns of Court.

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The Minutes of Parliament of the Middle Temple record the following admission, dated 28 April 1605:
In the earliest colonial time, a figure from the Middle Temple played a major part in bringing English constitutional rights to the new world: Sir Edwin Sandys, Treasurer of the Virginia Company, lived in Virginia from 1621 to 1631.
It brings together two institutions that are dear to us: our alma mater, St Andrews University, and Middle Temple, our hosts here tonight.
and Richard Farrant in 1579-80 at Lincoln's (87, 103, 926), and Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors at Gray's in 1594 and Twelfth Night at the Middle Temple in 1602 (397, 685).
The seminar will be held at the historic Middle Temple.
He was called to the Bar in 1970 by the Middle Temple.
A further eighteen months later in late 1741, he was admitted as a student of the Middle Temple, then a means of progression to legal practice on the completion of five years' standing there.
He was called to the Middle Temple Bar in 1958 and became a barrister.
The unfortunate man was only released when he paid to have Wolsey's Insignia displayed at Middle Temple.
He studied law in London and was proclaimed barrister-at-law by Middle Temple.
Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors was famously acted at Gray's Inn in 1594-95, his Twelfth Night at Middle Temple in 1601-2, both presumably by Shakespeare's company, (3) For most of the seventeenth century, indeed, the Inner Temple and the Middle Temple paid for two professionally performed plays each per year, on All Souls Day (November 1) and Candlemas (February 2).

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