middle man

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For his part Shacklady, 35, of Wigan Road, Leyland, wanted rid of the middle man he was paying pounds 12, 000 a time to for each drug deal.
2, the middle man (C) in the front row is responsible for the No.
Unlike furniture wholesalers, UBE buys and sells directly from and to the end-users, cutting out the middle man and creating a comforting sense of accountability.
He further said that character of middle man regarding the distribution of gunny bags and purchase process would not be tolerated at any cost.
To a question about role of middle man, Bosan said that government's involvement in procurement was fruitful for farmers otherwise middle man always cheat them.
MIDDLE MAN Veteran broadcaster Jimmy Magee with Bernard Dunne and Katie Taylor at Aviva Stadium in Dublin JUST THE JAB Katie Taylor sizes up Jimmy's book last night
Farmers have suffered over the years and we, the customers, have benefited from low prices whilst the middle man has scooped the rewards and lined his pocket.
Midfielder Lee Bowyer's impressive start to the season is reflected in his average of 7.20, while fellow middle man Jermaine Jenas has an excellent 6.92.
It ought to cut out the middle man and call itself Anglo-Scot Air.
His scouts have watched Rae several times and filed favourable reports but Vialli faces competition from several Premiership sides and the Gers for the pounds 2.5million-rated middle man. Chelsea, Fulham, Charlton and Everton have also watched the Scotland cap.
"Having spent a lot of money on Irish-bred runners, Gary decided to try and cut out the middle man and have a home-bred litter, perhaps this is the only way now to make the game pay."