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We hope that the articles published in this issue inspire you to conduct research that advances new knowledge and/or develops middle-range theory related to all sectors of the transportation, logistics, and supply chain field.
Based on the substantive theory definition cited by Creswell (1994) and discussed by McEwen and Wills (2014), the cognitive process theory of writing was a middle-range theory because it is a model that can be tested.
As it consolidates several hypotheses and applies to a large range of cases, it is closer to a middle-range theory.
Developing a middle-range theory of father involvement postdivorce.
According to Pawson, "Since policy making is itself a conceptual, conjectural, and self-revising process, then well-grounded, middle-range theory building is the most apposite source of inspiration" (2002:213).
In addition to using the RPA/ASN guidelines, which provide a structured, systematic pathway for the APN, the overall plan for this patient was guided by the framework of the middle-range theory of caregiver stress (Tsai, 2003).
Preston's middle-range theory works from the general school of thought in political psychology that there is a link between policy process and outcomes.
Dupuy's book is written in the European tradition of broad theoretical strokes coupled with thinner lines of micro-level case studies and few traces of middle-range theory.
Instead, her many findings and observations will resonate with scholars as highly suggestive for middle-range theory.