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The officers had empowered middlemen who bought cattle from farmers at a throwaway price before selling them to KMC for Sh8,000 each.
Assistant Commissioner Aitzaz Anjum told Dawn that he had arrested 10 middlemen on charge of buying cane from farmers on low rates, and registered first information reports against them.
After observing the weekly livestock markets of Tando Muhammad Khan, Tando Allahyar, Tando Adam, and Hyderabad, it was learned that middlemen are the real beneficiaries of the deals.
Around 1,000 middlemen have been reported to the Bangladesh government and cases have been filed against them in local police stations, with human trafficking charges," he said.
A substantial theoretical literature has considered different roles that middlemen can play and examined the conditions under which middlemen emerge.
The CBI swung into action after an Italian court verdict in the case named Tyagi, mentioning the meetings and interactions with alleged European middlemen and officials of Finmeccanica.
21) per kilo but the middlemen were paying 50% less, a sum that is below the production price.
A kilogram of oranges is sold by producers to middlemen for TL 0.
In "The Middleman Economy: How Brokers, Agents, Dealers, and Everyday Matchmakers Create Value and Profit", Silicon Valley-based reporter Marina Krakovsky elucidates the six essential roles that middlemen play.
LINGAYEN -- Middlemen had been making a killing as onion farmers in Pangasinan province suffer from the sharp drop in farm gate prices of the crop, an agriculture official said.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) on Thursday denied that there is a looming onion crisis but called on middlemen in the trade of onions not to take advantage of onion farmers and to buy their produce at a reasonable price.
The CBI is also probing the role of middlemen in the scam.