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6 with increas ing NN'-bis (2-pyridyl)o xa mide concentration only s light decreas e was obs erved in the emis s ion intens ity of DNA pretreated with EB.
Fluores cence quenching e xperiment was carried out with DNA pretreated with ethidium bro mide (EB) fo r 30 min .
A monoclin ic poly morph of NN'-b is (2-pyridyl)o xa mide was crys tallized fro m CH2Cl2 us ing s low evaporation method.
15) Mide 186 x 90 cm (58 x 27 la pieza central y 41 x 27 las cuatro restantes), y conserva gran parte de la mazoneria original de madera.
28) Mide 37 x 24 x 6 cm, conserva algunos restos de policromia y se fecha hacia 1450-1475.
34) Mide 50 x 30 cm y forma parte de un altar dedicado a la Pasion de Cristo, con nueve escenas.