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Yet with the passing of each year and each decade, and with the emergence of new generations of migration scholars, the challenge is gradually being met; collectively we are paying increasing attention to the neglected aspects of Italian migration and in so doing we are redefining some of the major contours of the subject as well as capturing its finer nuances and subtleties.
The SANblaster S1000 is a portable data migration solution that eliminates much of the burden, complexity and cost associated with installing and reconfiguring storage.
leaders in Microsoft Exchange migration and management software, announces the upcoming next generation release of the Priasoft Migration Suite for Exchange, with support for customers moving to the recently released Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
The migrations of the 17th and 18th century variously influenced subsequent generations.
Depending on how many virtual machines you are running, scheduling migrations and cutovers can become complicated, and downtime can become substantial.
Part III treats intercontinental migrations systems to the nineteenth century, including rural colonization as well as enclosure and urbanization; it emphasizes migration systems in and to the Russian empire, transatlantic movement and the vast Asian contract labor system.
In addition, a new Data Migration Performance Assist feature greatly simplifies local data migrations while continuing to keep applications 100% available during a data migration or a data replication.
1) Until well into the 19th century there was constant speculation about various migrations of Old World peoples who were supposed to have built the temples and mounds found all over the Americas.
There is also a need for the transition to the new environment to be seamless for the end user, and Quest continues to deliver ZeroIMPACT[TM] migrations by ensuring that end users are automatically and transparently redirected to SharePoint.
The possibility that a fundamental connection existed between precolonial trade migrations and recent labor migrations among the Soninke presented itself to Manchuelle in the astonishing fact that 85 percent of all Black African migrants to France since the 1950s came from this one ethnic group, all natives of one particular region of West Africa.
Full Speed Copy - Provides faster performance by allowing volumes migrations to be performed using two I/O buffers, with overlapping read and write operations.
The enormous emigration of Germans to the Americas, the central role of the German economy in Europe during the entire twentieth century, and the volatile movements of Germans within their own country make the study of German migrations central to the understanding of mobility as a demographic force.