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MIL-REIS. The name of a coin. The mil-reis of Portugal is taken as money of account, at the custom-house, to be of the value of one hundred and twelve cents. Act of March 13, 1843.
     2. The mil-reis of Azores, is deemed of the value of eighty-three and one-third cents. Act of Match 3, 1843.
     3. The mil-reis of Madera, is deemed of the value of one hundred cents. Id.

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As such, he was probably a recent Portuguese immigrant, who, with the right human capital (his skill as a tinsmith) and a bit of working capital (the 3,000 mil-reis he brought to the partnership, perhaps borrowed in part from family), was a good match for his older, better established countryman, Jeronymo.
In the larger area surrounding the street, the mean rental value of a building was 2,142 mil-reis and the median value 1,680.
The rent for the space that Jeronymo came to occupy in 1859 was just 192 mil-reis per annum.