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MIL-REIS. The name of a coin. The mil-reis of Portugal is taken as money of account, at the custom-house, to be of the value of one hundred and twelve cents. Act of March 13, 1843.
     2. The mil-reis of Azores, is deemed of the value of eighty-three and one-third cents. Act of Match 3, 1843.
     3. The mil-reis of Madera, is deemed of the value of one hundred cents. Id.

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A divida urgente de hoje sao uns malditos quatrocentos e tantos mil-reis de carros.
Afinal venceu-se e contou: eram setecentos e trinta mil-reis.
Directly across the street, in number 116, Pereira & Araujo's bakery was incorporated as a partnership with a total capitalization of 6,000 mil-reis.