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In his biography of Sassoon, Egremont cites this incident in the novel as evidence of Sassoon's awkwardness at first seeing Norman Loder, the model for Denis Milden, at Sassoon's first hunt: "[Loder] had confidence founded on impeccable connections and quiet skill as a rider.
Welcher Lebendige, Sinnbegabte, liebt nicht vor allen Wundererscheinungen des verbreiteten Raums um ihn, das alletfreuliche Licht--mit seinen Farben, seinen Strahlen und Wogen; seiner milden Allgegenwart, als weckender Tag.
Milden Hall's Kyle Legault was a useful guest for injured Newcastle Skipper Christian Henry with two wins in heats 11 and 13 while Carl Wilkinson narrowly held off the home sides's Trevor Harding to claim heat 14.
Milden Hall, Lavenham, Suffolk: Explore the bookshelves full of maps and information on local places at this family-run farm B&B, healthy, energetic and environmentally-friendly things to do, and a family self-guided pack of fun farm activities.
Notts County: Milden Hall, Fenton, Barraclough, M Warren, Cas, Owers, Stallard, Allsopp, Caskey, Ireland, Grayson Subs: Garden, Nicholson, Bolland, Jorgensen, Hackworth.