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The present study focuses on the association between personality disorder features and homesickness among homesick women since the results of the study among military conscripts may have been biased in at least three ways.
Cairo: A train carrying military conscripts derailed southwest of Cairo on Tuesday, killing 19 people and wounding 107, the health ministry said, highlighting the country's chronic transport problems.The train was taking young recruits from south Egypt to a military camp in Cairo when two carriages went off the rails shortly after midnight in the Giza neighbourhood of Badrasheen, officials said.
"The decision taken by the president was actually corrective; it applies on conscripts who are currently serving in the police but are originally military conscripts," Okasha told Daily News Egypt Sunday.
When I came to Seoul, I learned that every spring was the beginning of riot season, when student radicals would square off against armored police who, because they were drawn from military conscripts, were usually of a similar age.
2013 A train carrying military conscripts derails southwest of Cairo killing 19 people and wounding 107.
Suicidal ideation modulates the reduction in serotonin transporter availability in male military conscripts with major depression: A 4-[18F]-ADAM PET study.
This accessible historical study examines the role of the Canadian army in creating and administering compulsory military training during WWII and investigates the circumstances surrounding the decision to send Canadian military conscripts overseas during the war, in spite of the fact that the conscripts were originally intended to serve only in Canada.
19, 2013 attack on military conscripts in northern Sinai known in the media as the "Second Rafah Massacre," in which 25 soldiers were killed -- was executed on Dec.
The military conscripts young Jewish men and women, but not Arabs.
Military conscripts do a remarkable amount of daily activity during their military service.
Bevin was acutely aware of the need to protect the country's power supplies and decided to divert 48,000 military conscripts to work in the coal industry.

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