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Yesterday, as dawn broke, the picturesque fields around Drumcree church became a military fortification.
In just the last few months, what were once considered right-wing views on immigration - that the United States is being "invaded" by the Third World, that immigrants pose a threat to the American economy and way of life, and that the borders need military fortification - have become part of the accepted wisdom.
As dawn broke yesterday, the picturesque fields around Drumcree church in Portadown, Co Armagh, became a military fortification.
Expenditure on military fortification and defense surveillance is on the rise uniformly throughout the Asia Pacific region, sustaining the demand from Military and defense sector.
The visit of surveillance frigates from France is not to show alarm over Chinese military fortifications in the South China Sea but to support freedom of navigation in the contested waters.
Warmia-Masuria Province offers holidaymakers the peace and quiet of wild forests, natural food, unique historic castles and major military fortifications.
The author draws upon a number of cartographic sources in order to depict this forest expansion and notes the lack of forests in the areas surrounding several military fortifications (primarily for safety reasons), but also concludes that deforestation was initiated by them.
All claimants except Brunei have military fortifications in the Spratlys.