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The book examines items created by the US military branches, the Department of the Treasury, and other national institutions and organizations, from maps, stamps, coins, and medals, to official publications, state seals, military insignia, and names of military vehicles, as well as statues, monuments, and decorations on government buildings.
Parade spectators stared at the serious young men who wore faded olive uniforms with military insignia, but also anti-war buttons.
Yet other elements of the show seemed content to generate an easy frisson through their mash-ups of schlock and awe: a few menacing examples of the symbolically overripe military insignia the artist has been collecting for years; a comprehensively redacted secret government document pertaining to the Stellar Wind surveillance program framed like an Ad Reinhardt-esque relic; a scrolling list containing thousands of admittedly oddball but also uselessly decontextualized military program code names.
At this facility, the walls are decorated with military insignia to create an atmosphere different from the traditional correctional dormitory--one in which veterans can feel familiar and comfortable.
He donated his own extensive collection of military insignia and uniforms to its collections, and still volunteers regularly to maintain and open the museum to visitors.
"If they feel more comfortable doing so, cadets and adult volunteers may cover uniforms and military insignia while in a public place, including when travelling to or from their homes and units.
Military uniforms, ammunition, magazines and military insignia were reportedly found during these operations.
It is the most pictured bird in all of America and appears in many places, like military insignia and one-dollar bills.
George's ribbon, a Russian military insignia that has become a symbol of the revolt, and were cheered by the crowd of several hundred.
On Saturday, the separatists invited journalists from Russian media into the building where the observers are being held, and showed military identification cards and military insignia they said were taken from the detainees.
She has the Serenity Prayer on her rib cage, and a smaller military insignia on the back of one shoulder.
Among these was a fascinating fragmentary Roman marble relief of the 2nd century AD, showing weapons, military insignia, shields and the like.

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