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Cullen and Fishback examine whether local economies that were the centers of federal spending on military mobilization experienced more rapid growth in consumer economic activity than other areas.
The business of civil war; military mobilization and the state, 1861-1865.
THE BUSINESS OF CIVIL WAR: MILITARY MOBILIZATION AND THE STATE, 1861-1865 is a pick for any in-depth Civil War history holding, who will find it much more than the usual rehash of politics.
President Bush's attempt to seize authority normally shared with the states is yet another example of his ongoing agenda to gain complete control of military mobilization.
The French military mobilization was admittedly not an instantaneous and overwhelming success: its effects were felt gradually, required trial and error in organization, and combined elements of old and new.
Which means that embodying the just war tradition entails much more than pulling out a social statement with its checklist of criteria on the eve of a state's military mobilization.
Michael Rowe provides a useful introduction emphasizing the centrality of war and military mobilization as the defining experience of Napoleonic Europe.
The consolidation and strengthening of the party, state, and people nexus goes through military mobilization.
Military mobilization toward the Persian Gulf was in full swing; the invasion would start in March.
A section of the Web site offers specific information on how to plan for emergencies, align action plans with the Nation's Homeland Security Advisory System, and improve military mobilization, because roads are critical for response and recovery strategies.
During World War II, Rustin was among the crop of conscientious objectors who voluntarily went to prison rather than cooperate with military mobilization.
The fruits of this effort are now in full, gory evidence along the India-Pakistan border and particularly on the Line of Control in Kashmir, where a million soldiers confront one another eyeball-to-eyeball for the sixth consecutive month, in the greatest military mobilization since World War II.

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