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The Military Preparedness Commission's grant - $2 million to Brazos County and $2 million to the city of Bryan - will pay for construction and equipment for the facility, which will be operated by the biotech firm G-Con and aims to speed up vaccine production.
As a political insider, Johnson earned his place in history as assistant secretary of war for FDR and secretary of defense for Truman, shaping first military preparedness and national security before World War II, then economizing and scaling back the armed services after the war, and finally arming for the Korean conflict.
It is my belief that a greater emphasis should be placed upon generating alternative revenue sources to maintain in-house technical competencies, which will ensure long-term military preparedness and ease the burden on the already squeezed Navy budget.
As Canadians for Military Preparedness had taken out an advertisement in our magazine, I felt morally obliged to take out a membership.
If you factor in the hidden subsidies paid to oil companies, plus the hidden costs to every American of military preparedness to defend oil supplies, the lost value of the dollar due to our balance of trade deficits, and the health and environmental costs, the cost of relying on fossil fuel is many times the pump price," says Kristoff.
to produce needed war-fighting equipment in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner in order to assure an appropriate level of industrial readiness and military preparedness.
Supporters say the changes are needed to ensure that military preparedness is not handcuffed by environmental restrictions.
The quills symbolize the unit's analytical functions; the torch signifies guidance, leadership, and knowledge; and the sword is symbolic of military preparedness.
However, exposure modeling showed no difference in exposure between those with high and low levels of military preparedness.
As part of the struggle against Communism," wrote Ekirch, "the American people were won over to the necessity of military preparedness on a virtual wartime basis.
In an age of smart weapons and globally coordinated tactical planning, the security achieved by military preparedness is inextricably linked to the security provided for network data," commented Chuck Stonecipher, ADIC president and COO.
Throughout the century, but particularly during the periods around the world wars, the links between the activity of hunting and military preparedness were common.

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