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If you used milk jugs, you can cut the top of the jugs off and use them as cloches.
Tiger, tiger - a funky milk jug from the Natural History Museum collection | 3.
The Alessi banana milk jug, by designer Stefano Giovannoni, is pounds 15, from Utility, Bold Street (www.
While a clean plastic milk jug can be used, an empty plastic gallon vinegar jug is preferred, because it is made from heavier plastic.
Milk jug halves make a great armature for masks and are an easy material to find.
Stored in the fridge as normal, customers will receive a special doorstep storage tray and milk Jug to hold the bags, then they simply snip the corner of the bag and pour.
We don't like to spray the apple trees and have had success with putting a mixture of one banana, one cup of sugar and one cup of vinegar in a gallon milk jug filled two-thirds full with water and placed in the tree to attract insects.
A sugar bowl and lid is pounds 9, milk jug is pounds 9 and a round teapot comes in three different sizes, priced pounds 25, pounds 30 or pounds 35.
Washington put up posters at rest areas and truck stops showing a milk jug Partially filled with a yellow liquid.
Put the end of the tube into an empty milk jug and have another jug ready to go for when the first one is full.
Place the milk jug (upside-down) over the curved hanger hook, and secure with more tape.
Recent inventions have included a milk jug masher, a push-me/pull-me wheelbarrow, a one-step bed-maker, and a dry eyes onion slicer.