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Your milk jug is typical of the flair of the mid to late 1930s.
Toggle Tubes are made from a minimum of 30% curbside recycled plastic milk jugs.
Uniloy Milacron has developed what it calls a "pour friendly" HDPE (high-density polyethylene) milk jug.
They also claimed Mrs Chadwick inflicted injuries on herself with a milk jug.
With an adult's help, cut off the spout of a clean one-gallon plastic milk jug.
You can use a can of vegetables, a book, or a plastic milk jug filled with water or sand as a weight.
On the second day, the water can be poured into an empty milk jug or similar container that can be used for plant watering.
99, Argos; Stockholm swivel pouffe, pounds 159, IKEA; Faux cowhide and faux fur seat pads, pounds 10, IKEA; Python print milk jug, (top) pounds 9.
Long after he's left t'cobbles, we'll recall the tears in Jack's eyes as he described his Vera once as "a scared old woman" or his mirth as she announced the couple had become middle class because they had a milk jug on the table, pigeons in the loft and a Fiesta parked in the street outside.
The competition was won by Hazel Usher for a pretty milk jug.
Imperial has brought out a new range called 'Cha' which includes stainless steel tea cups, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, toast rack and egg cups.
Tape this short piece to the top of the milk jug to make the stem.