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When they arrived at Mr Korbes's house, he was not at home; so the mice drew the carriage into the coach-house, Chanticleer and Partlet flew upon a beam, the cat sat down in the fireplace, the duck got into the washing cistern, the pin stuck himself into the bed pillow, the millstone laid himself over the house door, and the egg rolled himself up in the towel.
Then he was very angry, and went without his supper to bed; but when he laid his head on the pillow, the pin ran into his cheek: at this he became quite furious, and, jumping up, would have run out of the house; but when he came to the door, the millstone fell down on his head, and killed him on the spot.
He hung round Jukes' neck as heavy as a millstone, and suddenly the sides of their heads knocked together.
I saw these two, escaped out of four score of millions of human beings ground between the upper and nether millstone, walking under these trees, their young heads close together.
A porochial 'prentis, who is at present a dead-weight; a millstone, as I may say, round the porochial throat?
Any Roman archaeologist who has worked on millstones, particularly the so-called Pompeian-style hourglass millstones typically found on Roman sites within the central Mediterranean, is familiar with the work of David Peacock.
Yet even such basic grindstones can effectively process seeds, which are a seasonal food staple in this area, though tjiwa are much less efficient than millstones for processing large volumes of grain.
Named after Queens Plaza's historic Millstones, which date back to the 1650's, The Millstone is located at 41-18 27th Street.
RIGHT: Also at Millstones are Dora Bird, Peggy and Eveline, Alice Purvis, K Bezance, unknown, and Bethy Shane take a steady stroll around Thornton-le-Dale.
At press time, I received a notice about Project Millstones 2004, a reference to the text in Matthew: "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and drowned in the depths of the sea.
Bob's Red Mill is the leading whole grain manufacturer using old-world millstones in the milling of its hundreds of all-natural whole grain products.