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MIL-REIS. The name of a coin. The mil-reis of Portugal is taken as money of account, at the custom-house, to be of the value of one hundred and twelve cents. Act of March 13, 1843.
     2. The mil-reis of Azores, is deemed of the value of eighty-three and one-third cents. Act of Match 3, 1843.
     3. The mil-reis of Madera, is deemed of the value of one hundred cents. Id.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Trade Practices Commission v Milreis Pty Ltd (126) took place.
They ranged in size from the single-factory Companhia de Fiacao e Tecelagem Industrial Mineira (with a paid-in capital of 1.2 million milreis, a work force of 920, and output of 4.5 million meters of cloth--a 0.7 percent market share) to the giant, six-factory Companhia America Fabril (with a paid-in capital of 32 million milreis, a work force of 7,000, and output of nearly 28.1 million meters of cloth--a 4.0 percent market share).(9) The average size of the sample firms was 70,587 spindles, 1,589 looms, 2,075 workers, and annual production of 9.9 million meters of cloth.
For examples of cacao trees valued at 1$ (1 milreis) per tree, see Invs.
Jorge's uncle also held a number of other positions and grants: he was alcaide-mor and comendador of Pena Garcia (in the diocese of Guarda) and between February 1578 and his death, holder of the commandery (comenda) of Almada, a valuable commandery in the Order of Santiago (although Barreto was a knight of the Order of Christ), which was worth 600 milreis a year.
By 1877, she was willing to accept 1,500 milreis (about $750) and the commander of arms agreed that her rights should be bought out, given Miranda's lengthy service and "exemplary conduct." Referring to calculations done in May 1876, however, he estimated that the army had already spent more than 1,700 milreis on the soldier, thus more than liquidating Maria do Rosario's claim!(25)