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Chaplin & Company by Mave Fellowes (Jonathan Cape, PS16.99) MAVE Fellow's debut tells the story of aspiring mime artist Odeline Milk who, after the death of her mother, has moved to London to find fame.
The 49-year-old actor admitted that something that causes much mirth among his acquaintances is that the first time he ever went to the theatre was to see mime artist Marcel Marceau, Contactmusic reported.
Jessica Lange has attained a certain amount of fame over a long acting career, most recently earning an Emmy for her performance as Constance on the first season of "American Horror Story." One of the episodic series' only returning cast member for season two of "Asylum," Lange could have just as easily ended up as a mime artist, as she notes, in an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
In addition there will also be a week-long exhibit of paintings and photographs by local artists as well as a mime artist and a caricaturists.
If the police arrest a mime artist do they tell him he has the right to remain silent?
Even less active is a young male mime artist, stood completely still and holding a fixed expression while a young lady next to him puts on a shoe.
Nevertheless, it would not be an exaggeration, or over-interpretation, to claim that Jemek Supardi is Indonesia's leading mime artist. Although he primarily works and performs in a highly localized context, that is, in the central Javanese cultural capital and court city of Yogyakarta, it can also be claimed that Jemek's art combines global and local epistemologies, practices and technologies.
These will include puppet-shows, a mime artist, comedy performances and daring stunts by professional performers.
"We actually stepped out briefly together as teenagers, until she dumped me for a mime artist," he said.
GOOD TALES: A mime artist and Gateshead primary school pupils at the festival
For the first few First Night Worcester celebrations, mime artist Trent Arterberry could regularly be seen making all the right moves.