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He moved to Bradford and attended the city art college before studying dance with Hilde Holger, the expressionist dancer who fled Vienna ahead of the Nazis, and also Marcel Marceau, the famous French mime artist.
Even less active is a young male mime artist, stood completely still and holding a fixed expression while a young lady next to him puts on a shoe.
Nevertheless, it would not be an exaggeration, or over-interpretation, to claim that Jemek Supardi is Indonesia's leading mime artist.
These will include puppet-shows, a mime artist, comedy performances and daring stunts by professional performers.
We actually stepped out briefly together as teenagers, until she dumped me for a mime artist," he said.
Tales from France, Germany, Spain and from Asia and Africa featured with storytellers supported by performers including a French mime artist, a Bavarian oompah band, Chinese lion dancers and an African drummer.
For the first few First Night Worcester celebrations, mime artist Trent Arterberry could regularly be seen making all the right moves.
In Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, mime artist Marcel Marceau was the only person who had a speaking role.
Managed by dancer Ronda Nychka, whose nine-year-old son, Adam, also performed, the celebration included dancer Alexandra Caverly-Lowery, mime artist Paul Hurt and soprano Hallie Fishel.
Black, who teaches Dalcroze at the University of Washington, will lead a class in Dalcroze, assisted by Lewis, a Seattle dancer and mime artist.
Strolling entertainment includes the stilt-walking group Dragon Knights and mime artist Derek Loughran.
This is a challenge that every serious mime artist must understand and strive to overcome.