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Now, it is undeniable that the enslavement, for almost three-hundred years, of settlements with large populations subjected to certain disciplines--of a working, religious or sexual nature--winds up establishing the 'law' of massive mimetism.
While the socio-rational theory takes the social system members' influence into account, other theories include the observation that the choices made show signs of mimetism.
It also points out that Tunisia has adopted a realistic vision of Human Rights, one that acknowledges their universal and comprehensive nature and has always been keen to guarantee efficiency in interaction with them without ignoring national specificities, underlining the country's care to boost its capital of laws and reject in a categorical manner all forms of blind mimetism or importation of ready-made formulas which have nothing to do with the country's reality.
Cesaire's call, as is Glissant's, is for an innovative, resourceful Martinique once again, a creative force that has the power to resist mere mimetism of or assimila tion with the dominant culture and to engender new forms of expression that are specifically Antillean.