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Hiroyuki Moriyama and Kazumitsu Hannaga, a congenital Minamata disease patient, at Meisui-en Hospital, Minamata, 1991.
While sensory impairment is one of the criteria for official recognition as a Minamata disease patient, it is difficult for sufferers who have entered their 50s to prove the symptom, although they exhibit higher brain dysfunction apparently caused by mercury,'' said Masazumi Harada, professor at Kumamoto Gakuen University.
Meanwhile, Newmont threw its full legal weight at the critics, pouncing, for example, on biologist Rignolda Djamaludin after he was quoted as saying that the villagers suffered from Minamata disease (an acute form of mercury poisoning that has not been found in Buyat).
The standards designate several symptoms including ataxia and the narrowing of the victim's visual field, as well as sensory disturbances in the victim's arms and legs, in recognizing Minamata disease victims.
Michiko Ishimuri, who brought Minamata Disease to the attention of the Japanese government, and Janet Gibson, who helped create Central America's first coral reef reserve, are just two of the many spectacular examples.
There are many children in the village whose symptoms are similar to the Minamata disease,' said Rogelio Valena, a councilor of Sta.
In a joint statement, the EcoWaste Coalition, the Collaboration Center for Minamata Disease Victims and IPEN (a global NGO network for a toxics-free future) called upon the participants of the Regional Forum on Environment and Health in A Southeast and East Asian Countries to endorse the rapid ratification of the mercury treaty and promote the early implementation of activities, with full participation of public interest groups, to prevent and reduce mercury pollution.
In this article I explore these questions by drawing upon the notion of "life-world" presented by Ogata Masato, a Minamata philosopher-fisherman whose ideas developed in response to the Minamata disease disasters in the mid-1950s.
The same panel, in a separate ruling on a similar suit filed by a woman in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, overturned an Osaka High Court ruling that rejected the woman's demand she be recognized as a sufferer of Minamata disease eligible for aid.
Researching Minamata Disease, an advanced form of industrial mercury poisoning, Harada visited the reserve in 1975, returning in 2004 and 2010.
Mercury exposure can lead to such neurological problems as Minamata disease, alter fetal brain development, harm learning and reduce the IQ of children.
2010) reviewed the scientific discoveries of health risks resulting from methylmercury exposure, including the history of the Minamata disease incident.