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During the negotiations, several Minamata disease victims' groups and other organizations argued that if the convention was to bear the Minamata name, the Japanese government must resolve these issues at home, and the convention should be strong enough to prevent similar tragedies.
TOKYO - The problems facing people suffering from fetal Minamata disease remain unresolved more than 50 years after the mercury-poisoning disorder was officially detected in 1956, a researcher of the disease said Sunday.
Fujimo, world experts on Minamata disease, did neurological tests on 44 residents at Grassy and 43 at Whitedog.
The standards designate several symptoms including ataxia and the narrowing of the victim's visual field, as well as sensory disturbances in the victim's arms and legs, in recognizing Minamata disease victims.
The social implications of the allocative mechanism in the Japanese society, which had made such a rapid growth possible, may be best illustrated in terms of the incident concerning the Minamata disease.
As a consequence, the neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning has come to be known as Minamata Disease.
The same panel, in a separate ruling on a similar suit filed by a woman in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, overturned an Osaka High Court ruling that rejected the woman's demand she be recognized as a sufferer of Minamata disease eligible for aid.
Researching Minamata Disease, an advanced form of industrial mercury poisoning, Harada visited the reserve in 1975, returning in 2004 and 2010.
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Reconciliation sought for damages suit over Minamata disease
Ministry to mull settlements with Minamata disease patients
Her best-selling book Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow: Our Minamata Disease (1972) helped alert the world to the dangers of industrial pollution.